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Sarah, Becky, and Marie
I'm Becky. I'm an English graduate, a technical writer, a blogger, a mommy of two and I love books. Not just in a, "Hey, I can enjoy a good book every now and then," kind of a way, but in a "Hey, I read about 50 books a year and I devour books," kind of a way.

I started reading as a kid. I remember being in the fourth grade and reading Roald Dahl, the Baby Sitters Club, Archie Comics, and every Goosebumps book that I could get my hands on. I would spend my allowance money on those book fairs that the elementary school held.

Then, when I was in high school, I started reading fantasy books like Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the occasional science fiction book like Isaac Asomov's Foundation series.

In college, when I suddenly had more time to myself, I began reading more and more books, in addition to the books required for my English major. I quickly discovered that I am a fantasy girl. I like fantasy books, but don't really care for the other genres. I prefer reading young adult, but I also like junior and adult books as well.

Now that I'm a Mommy, I have had to delve back into picture books and have found myself wildly uninformed. I browse the library shelves and just pull books that look good. Some are good, and some the kids end up not liking. So, I'm on a mission to find good kids books and share those books with other mommy's.

Becky, Sarah, and Marie
I'm Sarah. I'm 24, married, have one super cute little boy, and I live in New Mexico. I graduated with a bachelors in English and a minor in editing. I thought about going into the editing world for a career, but then I was preggo, and now I get to have my dream job of staying home and taking care of my sweet, little boy (and any future children I might receive).

Ever since I was 11, I have been devouring books. That's right, devouring. My sister Becky handed me The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan, and I have been lost in the reading world ever since. I mainly enjoy fantasy, young adult, and chiclit, but I also like to dabble in the classics, non fiction, science fiction, and what you might call literary books. Then there's historical fictions and . . . well, it turns out that I'm interested in a goodly number of book categories, but, I must say, that I abhor mystery and suspense novels.

I've been known to read 5-8 books in a week, but at other times I've been known to not touch a book for a week. It really comes down to what my library has available for my kindle, and whether my holds are working in my favor. Apparently my library is very slow about processing just published books though, so I might not be amazingly prompt about reviewing the latest and greatest.

I love books, that's really all you need to know. Oh, and I also love candy. So there's that.

Marie, Becky, and Sarah

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